Encourage Oakland officials to find more productive uses for the area at 35th & Peralta St

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This petition is to demonstrate to our local government officials that the local community supports finding a more productive and valuable use for the streets and sidewalk area below the underpass at 35th and Magnolia & Peralta St and extending to San Pablo Avenue. This area has been used as a vehicle storage area with little to no activity, that has resulted in excessive dumping and other illegal activities. We, as citizens of District 3 want to see this area renovated, redesigned and marketed as a usable space to attract public and commercial usages to improve the community.

The current condition is unacceptable to the to the community and the signatures below encourage the City and specifically the officials who represent District 3 to renovate and redesign this area with the intent for active commercial usages that would encourage eyes on the street, that  discourage illegal activity and promote community health & safety.