Rowayton Elementary School Health and Safety Initiative

Rowayton Elementary School Health and Safety Initiative

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Allyson Griffin started this petition to City of Norwalk and Mayor Rilling

We are embarking on the first step of the Rowayton School Health and Safety Initiative - being organized by a joint committee of representatives from the PTA and SGC. The Board of Ed recently approved an approximately $115,000 asbestos abatement project, but without city approval it will not be added to the capitol budget for the year and will not happen.
What is the Project?
The vinyl asbestos floor tiles all along the main hallway of Rowayton Elementary School, in the kitchen, and in 2 remaining classrooms need to be removed, but since they contain asbestos, they must be removed by licensed workers, with an asbestos abatement process that seals off the area being abated. In advance of this, the State of Connecticut must first approve the plan.  Following the abatement, the State will return to inspect the work and to test the air before we can allow people to return to the area being abated.  When in good shape, asbestos tile is of zero health risk. Once the tiles start to chip, they can become friable, releasing microscopic particles into the air.  

The floor has damaged tile in multiple places, all of which are heavily traveled by children and adults on a daily basis. Up until now the damages have been sealed with black duct tape and covered with carpet - but the damages and loose tiles are now too big and too abundant to be patched in such a manner.
Duct tape is obviously not good enough.
Right now the state has an incentive program to help the city cover a portion of the cost, so the time is NOW to remove the asbestos and replace the tiles and WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Please sign the petition as a call to help our children and educators learn and work in a safe environment by removing the remaining asbestos tiles once and for all.
These are the reasons you should sign:

It's a health concern - we all know asbestos is bad for everyone and it's very important to remove it correctly, which is part of the reason why abatement is a laborious and expensive process.  
It's a safety issue - it’s just plain unsafe to have cracked, broken, and duct-taped floor all along the most heavily traveled hallway in the school. Someone is going to end up getting injured
It's a roadblock for many other projects we want to get done at the school. Until the floor is safely replaced we cannot go ahead with planned security updates.
It’s all along the front entryway of our school - so it's a constant reminder of the disrepair of the school for our staff, students, and every visitor who comes into the building on a daily basis - including prospective parents. This reflects poorly on our school and on the district.

We recognize it is a big project to undertake - both in terms of time and money - but this needs to be made a priority for the city, and we mean now.  We understand it could be eligible for a 32% reimbursement from the State of Connecticut.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!