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Keeping Our Children & Residents Safe

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Speeding in Northwood Estates and surrounding neighborhoods is a major issue.

I have been passed numerous times while driving the speed limit on Delhi and Greenridge. Most recently, a small SUV passed me on Greenridge Road by Old London. At the time, there was a school bus stop full of kids standing on the corner. They do not care that they are endangering children.

June 20th at 7:55 pm, my oldest son (thirteen year, straight A student) was sitting on his bicycle at the stop sign on Salamander were it intersects with Delhi. He was stopped because his brother hollered and told him there was a car coming. A black Toyota came speeding down the road and turned onto Salamander at an excessive rate of speed. When he did, he cut the corner and entered the opposite lane of travel coming within two feet of my son. My son threw up his arms and yelled because it scared him. The man in the car slammed on his horn and flipped my son off. The car continued on to Bentwood and my son lost sight of him.

We, as a community, have asked numerous times over the many years for speed limiting devices, i.e. speed humps, speed tables, etc. Each and every time, nothing is done.

We have heard the excuse that speed humps slow response time for emergency vehicles and that is why the city refuses to implement them. I have personally seen police, fire and ambulance responding and they do not go more than 30-35 mph in neighborhoods. If that was the case there would not be speed bumps anywhere in the United State. The other excuse is that people complain it tears up their cars. It will damage a vehicle if you don't slow down for them, but that is the point. They are there to slow vehicles down. If you do the speed limit and slow down for them, you won't have an issue. 

Someone is going to get hurt if something is not done. A child could EASILY be killed if they are hit by a car at the rate of speed these people are going in our neighborhood.

I implore you to help us.
Help our children stay safe while they play outside.
Help the residents stay safe as they walk their dogs.
Help the elderly residents who are out there walking to stay healthy.
Please help us.

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