Get Rid Of (or at least change the staff) of the N.Battleford Community Safety Officers

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This is a petition to be signed by any residents of North Battleford and the surrounding aread. Our community has had endless trouble with the persons imployed as peace officers, as they have abused their power, not followed the rules of the law, harrased residents, are a hassle to the RCMP, and many more. The goal is to obtain at minimum, 8000 signatures, as that is half of the city's population (including Battleford). The function of Peace Officers are great on paper and in theory, however they have caused more harm than good.

By signing this petition, you are sending a message to the city of North Battleford that we (as people) have excercised our right as citizens, to influence our well-being and make changes that we wish to see when we are not confident in our government.