North Augusta animals lives matter: Stop unnecessary euthanasia

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The city of North Augusta SC has an animal control division consisting of one officer who has other duties in other departments. The impoundment facility, for animals running at large as strays and owner surrenders, is understaffed and underfunded. Animals receive no veterinarian services during their state mandated 5 day stray hold. Volunteers cannot assist in caring for the animals as the animals have no rabies shots. The facility is not open for any regular hours to the public, making it difficult for members of the public to check on missing animals or adopt animals directly from the facility. Although there is ample kennel space, if no rescue can be found to pull the animal, it is euthanized. The city has a contract with a vet to euthanize but not to provide any vetting services. Efforts from community groups and rescue partners to have the city change this situation have not been successful.

We the undersigned respectfully ask the Mayor, City Council and administration of the city of North Augusta SC to send all animals to Aiken County Animal Services under contract (under a similar arrangement as Edgefield County has with Aiken County) until such time as North Augusta can build a shelter and provide for the humane treatment of the impounded animals.