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This skatepark in Niagara Falls Canada has been around since 2006, and it has gone through graffiti/spray paint, chipped ledges, split coping, cracked concreate, and rough transitioning ramps. But not once has anything been repaved or replaced, and it's starting to impact the local riders and skaters. Bike riders are blowing tubes, skaters get caught up on ledges, and scooter riders are dehubbing wheels. I have been riding at this skatepark since I was 10 and have seen it been through many phases, but I dont once remember the park ever being touched up for its flaws that can result in more money being spent on the bike/skateboard, and the intimidation of wanting to ride or skate it. We ask the City of Niagara Falls for an exceptional expansion to our local skatepark. Competition style ramp lines, box jumps, more quarter pipes, new and clean coping, smoother transitions, ramps that dont crack and break, LIGHTS, and a more welcoming look.