Saving the Columbus Statue honoring Italian immigrants that came to Newburgh NY.

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Georgia Rausch
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The statue of Christopher Columbus located at Unico Park on the waterfront of the City of Newburgh NY is in danger of being removed.  This statue was paid for by the families of Italian immigrants the came to Newburgh.  These men and women worked in the textile factories, and on the railroads.  They worked with their hands to build many of Newburgh's roads.  They worked as stone-masons to build infrastructure, schools, and other civic buildings.  They were active in their communities and in many of the catholic churches located throughout the city.  Many became entrepreneurs and established successful businesses that were an instrumental part of the growth of the City of Newburgh.   

Despite his success as an explorer and navigator, Christopher Columbus has been villainized by centuries-old propaganda from England and the Dutch, and in recent times by historical revisionists and anarchists.  Today Columbus symbolizes Italian-Americans and the suffering they had to endure, including discrimination, to make a life for themselves and their families in this great country.  We cannot be silent or sit on the sidelines as they try to erase our history, our heritage, and our contribution to this city.  God Bless America.