Proposal for an electricity museum in Newburgh

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Why an electricity museum? 

Great question!

Thomas Edison, the father of electricity, lived in Newburgh around 1880. It was there that he started one of the worlds first power generating stations. This company merged with another company to eventually form Central Hudson Gas and Electric.

The City of Newburgh was one of the very first Cities in the world to have electricity. 

This project would help propel the revitalization of Newburgh. Many independent people and organizations are working hard to restore the infrastructure and community of this once great city.

Education is the key to growth and prosperity. In the ever-increasingly competitive landscape that makes up our world we need to invest more in education. What better way to learn about something then to make it interactive?

Museums are great places to get up close and personal with fun and interesting things!

I'm proposing that we get enough people to sign this petition so that The City of Newburgh, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, NYS Officials, and philanthropists will have to, at the very least, read about this idea.

Please visit to read about the electricity festival held in Newburgh annually.


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