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We want the City of New York to enforce noise laws in effect

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Fellow New Yorkers:

For the past eight weeks, every weekend has been a nightmare for residents everywhere, now that the weather is warming up. Residential outdoor parties are in effect, and even indoor parties with windows and doors wide open when it rains. Or worse, that damned blue tarp that always goes up in a backyard to serve as a tent in case it rains(my stomach gets a knot whenever I see this early on a Saturday morning because I know that we will be in for it that night)

No one needs to have a party, with refrigerator-sized speakers, outside or inside the house so that the music(with heavy bass especially) can be heard in a five block radius, for more than twelve hours(even if it IS for a child, old person, etc)

There's just no need.

Our police force is being overwhelmed with complaints about this huge problem, throughout the five boroughs, hindering them from taking care of more important problems in our community that we really need them to be able to focus on. Noise is at the bottom of the list, since we can't expect cops to address a noise problem versus someone being held up at 7/11 etc. But according to the call logs at 311, it's still a BIG problem with nearly five times the amount of calls coming in compared to other complaints!

No one respects the laws and when the City of New York doesn't enforce the laws, we end up with more violators. Because of these parties being allowed to go on, we have more drunken brawls, people passing out in the middle of our streets, men urinating in plain view while children are present, drugs, drunks harassing people trying to simply walk down the street. Our fear is that one of these days, someone is going to get hurt.

These wild parties include plenty of alcohol, loud music, rowdy guests and we want it stopped. Enforce the law!

This past weekend, there were loud parties around my house the entire weekend that included extremely loud music, drunken singing on megaphone/microphone/amplfiers in backyards the size of a standard one-car garage. One doesn't need a microphone to be heard in that small a space. The people living in direct vicinity were unable to sleep Saturday night, and then they did it Sunday night well into Monday morning, which is a big no-no because we all have to sleep for work. I have heard of victims of these chronic noise abusers actually having to leave their homes to stay with a friend or, even more pitiful, a HOTEL simply because they couldn't sleep in their own home that they pay taxes on, or an apartment that they are paying sky-high rent on?

How would you feel if you had to do something like that just for night's rest?

According to 311, police have up to eight hours to respond to a call about noise, so by the time they arrive (remember, they are out there solving more pressing issues, which is what we need them to do to keep us safe)at four thirty in the morning, the noise violators have already had their fun from six or seven pm the night before and now they have wrapped everything up at three am, so of course the cops arrive and find nothing wrong, and that's what goes into the report when you check your confirmation number at 311. Rather than have the cops show up earlier than eight hours, enforce the law! That way they won't have to show up at all and can focus their attention on the really bad stuff going on out there.

People are unlikely to do something that's going to cost them money, so enforce the fine that goes along with breaking the law. Enforce the law!

More affluent areas have signs up about not honking your car horn, or you will be fined $350.00. Shouldn't that just be the law EVERYWHERE? Enforce the law!

Bottom line, New York City has become a breeding ground for people that don't seem to care that they are living next to other people and for some reason think they don't have to respect their neighbors by following the rules.

These are OUR communities and we have to maintain the integrity of where we live because times are difficult enough without having constant headaches from the excessive noise from private homes, bars(if you have one in your block) and cars that want to park and blast music from the trunk at astronomical decibels to make your walls and windows shake on any given day, even on weeknights.

If the above sounds like something you are sick and tired of and you want action, SIGN THE PETITION. This will be sent straight to the Mayor's Office and we will keep sending him reminders until this is resolved. Let's take back our peaceful and quiet communities!

Remember, there is strength in numbers!

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