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Stop the Middle Belt Option of the New Orleans Rail Gateway Project!

The Middle Belt option of the New Orleans Rail Gateway Project threatens populated areas rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina with chemical & hazardous materials; disparately impacts communities of color; promises a greater burden on low income residents while utilizing public funding; promises expropriation of viable businesses, homes and public parkland rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina; promises to lower property values; and threatens not only quality of life, but health & safety.

In the face of frequent derailment, leaks, and health & safety risks associated with chemical and hazardous cargo, and while Railroad companies explore wasys to reroute freight convoys outside populated areas, our federal, state and local New Orleans officials are considering routing similar cargo through  recovering New Orleans neighborhoods, with that hope that your tax tax dollars will fund the 700 million dollar price tag.

The project which boasts the benefit of higher speeds and increased number of trains into the future will also increase health and safety risks in populated neighborhoods already along freight rails throughout New Orleans well beyond the Middle Belt or Hollygrove, Dixon and Mid-City communities.

We the undersigned oppose the Middle Belt option of the New Orleans Rail Gateway Project!

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