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Create a Public Montessori School in New Haven Now!



New Haven's children need access to schools with learning environments and curriculum that meet their needs and those of their families, and that offer them the best chance to learn to their full potential.

We urgently need more schools that meet this standard.

A Public Montessori school would broaden education choices for families and help reduce the need for overflow elementary schools.

The Montessori educational model emphasizes consistency, order, and empowerment with a "whole child" approach. 

Montessori schools exist in more than 400 public school systems across the United States, including three thriving Montessori schools in Hartford, CT.

Establishing a parent-backed Public Montessori school within the New Haven Public Schools would expand choice, increase the number of rigorous programs available, and reduce the dramatic overflow burden facing our public schools in the elementary years.

We, the undersigned, ask the New Haven Board of Education to open a Montessori school by the fall of 2013.



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