Jersey Drive - Keep Roadway Closed

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Planned development east of 605 and north of Central College Road near the Wentworth Crossing neighborhood could impact Jersey Drive by opening the roadway into the new development.  Many homeowners in Wentworth Crossing, particularly those who live on Jersey Drive, are concerned about traffic along this street.  

There currently exists an extreme problem of drivers along Jersey Drive traveling at speeds well above the residential speed limit of 25mph.  The City of New Albany has been made aware of this problem many times, and even placed a speed radar on Jersey Drive for several weeks during the summer of 2017.  Speed limit signs were placed along Jersey Drive as well, however, the problem continues.

If Jersey Drive was opened through to 605 and into any new development next to the Wentworth Crossing neighborhood, speeders would have an uninterrupted route to travel along Jersey Drive out to 605 and likely the problem would be made worse.

Residents of Wentworth Crossing ask that Jersey Drive remain closed to through traffic as it currently is near Wentworth Crossing Drive.