Safer streets for Mukilteo kids

Safer streets for Mukilteo kids

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Started by Sharla McKeon

We have a new young blind community member living on 50th pl W, directly across from Harbour Pointe Middle School. The sidewalk along routes to/from all 3 schools, as well as to the public library, are missing yellow truncated domes in some spots. Truncated domes make sidewalks ADA compliant for blind individuals. It tells the individual when the sidewalk ends and the street begins via tactile feedback through their cane. This was requested in fall by the child’s family, and nothing has been done.

Our neighborhood has also requested to have traffic calming devices as well as extending the school zone 300 feet down 50th pl W, to make the main route to school safer, in a location where speeding is observed frequently. According to the City of Mukilteo’s own traffic calming literature, a school zone is defined as: 300 feet from a school property or a marked school crosswalk. 50th pl west is NOT named in the city’s laws as a recognized school zone and we would like that changed, for not only our newest community member’s safety, but for all of our kids.

There was a speed study done, a few years ago, but it was in a spot where speeding rarely occurs about a half mile PAST the zone of concern. 

50th pl w has only one sidewalk on one side of the street. There are no safe ways to cross mid neighborhood to see a neighbor, get to your house, or to get our mail at the community mailbox (which is on the side with no sidewalk). Particularly with an increase in electric cars, it is next to impossible for a blind person to hear the car approaching in enough time to attempt to get out of the way.

We don’t want to wait until something catastrophic happens to one of our kids for this to be addressed. 

In Summary, our community is requesting the following:

  • Truncated domes on ALL ramps along Harbour Pointe BLVD and on any route to public services and schools, as well as upgrading to flashing and audible click signals to bring each crosswalk into compliance with ADA.
  • Speed bumps located in the first 500 feet of 50th Pl W
  • School zone to be extended, as defined by the City of Mukilteo, flashing speed limit beacons/signs to cover the first 300ft of 50th Pl W 

Please help make this neighborhood safe, inclusive and accessible for ALL of our kids.

197 have signed. Let’s get to 200!