Dawson College / Alexis Nihon Pedestrian Crossing

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Dawson College / Alexis Nihon Pedestrian Crossing

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Kinga Breining started this petition to City of Montreal / City of Westmount

Quebec's largest CEGEP, the 10,000-strong Dawson College, moved to its present location in 1988. Formerly a Mother House, the school's massive building occupies an entire 12-acre city block between the City of Westmount and that of Montreal.

Across the street is Alexis Nihon Plaza. Opened in 1967, this three-storey, 25+resto-boasting mall is, not surprisingly, a popular destination for students, staff and basically everyone from the college.

Both the college and the mall have an entrance about halfway down de Maisonneuve Boulevard, which is a one-way, school-zone designated street section.

The two entrances face each other.

Dawson's de Maisonneuve entrance is, in fact, its mainly used street-level entrance.

It seems logical, then, that people are expected to cross the street here from Dawson to Alexis Nihon.

Alas: it is ILLEGAL!

While there is crosswalk at every other Alexis Nihon Plaza exit - including halfway down the block on Atwater and halfway down the block on Ste-Catherine - there is no crosswalk between the college and the mall.

But guess what: everyone still crosses! 

Because if you are going to put two entrances to two colossal buildings facing each other PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TAKE THE SHORTEST ROUTE BETWEEN THEM.

For years, (from what I have heard) various stakeholders have tried to get a pedestrian crossing put in, to no avail. "You can cross at the end of the street." "You are lucky to have an underground passage." True, true, but the reality is that the city/cities have allowed a street design that begs users to break the law and put safety at stake. Why not address the issue by installing a simple pedestrian crossing?

It's time to act!

Dear Westmount, Dear Montreal; please put the safety and convenience of your students, workers and visitors on the front burner:


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This petition had 898 supporters