Remove the James Monroe Statue from the Monroe County Courthouse

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Back in November of 2017, the city of Monroe installed a statue of President James Monroe in front of the Monroe County Courthouse. President James Monroe was never a resident of the area and never even visited the city. The erection of the statue was privately funded by about 80 people or businesses. J. Henry Lievens was quoted as saying “It is my sincere hope that the statue of President Monroe will serve as an inspiration to our citizens to strive to serve their fellow citizens and that the cannon which has found a home on the courthouse grounds since 1884 will remind them of the continual sacrifice to secure the freedoms and liberties that are the core tenants of our republic."

During the course of his life James Monroe owned over 250 people whom he enslaved. He used his position to impose and maintain violent systems of racial injustice, but he is standing in front of a government building which is supposed to serve and protect with justice for all. To have a slave owner in front of a court house is not representative of justice and equality for all. 

I am calling for the removal of the James Monroe statue.