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Create and Enforce a Mardi Gras Equine Care City Ordinance


In recent years, many of us have been saddened to see the condition of some of the Mardi Gras parade horses. There seem to be a number of horses working in the city which are not in condition for the work they are being asked to perform, nor have clean or adequate facilities for rest and shelter during their stay in the city in between parades.

Especially at Mardi Gras, when we take to the streets to leave our cares behind, feast with our friends and show off our city's famous hospitality, it is heartbreaking to see these horses looking so poor. We would like to petition the city to adopt an ordinance setting enforceable minimum standards of care, health, hygiene and shelter for any horse working in the City of Mobile.
Mobile, Alabama celebrates Mardi Gras every year. The Mardi Gras Associations lease horses from individuals to ride and use in the Mardi Gras Parades. Currently, there is no regulations, ordinance, requirements, oversight, etc... for the care and/or the facility of these horses.

Letter to
betsy long
Mayor Sam Jones City Of Mobile, Alabama
Create and Adopt a Mardi Gras Equine Care City Ordinance
- Minimum standards of care for animals (including fowl).

Shelter and care.

Shelter must be sanitary, of sound construction, and provide adequate protection from the cold and heat. Shelter must be placed in a dry area free of debris, feces, and standing water. It must have at least three sides and a weatherproof roof; have a solid sanitary floor, be adequately ventilated; provide shelter from wind, rain, sun and the elements at all times. Suitable drainage must be provided so that water is not standing in or around the shelter.

Shelter must be large enough for the animal to stand, turn around, and lie down without touching the sides or top of the shelter.

When outdoor temperatures reach freezing levels, all cats, dogs, and small domestic animals must be moved indoors or to an area that provides heat and shelter from the weather.

All areas where animals are kept shall be cleaned regularly so that fecal matter is disposed of so not to attract insects or rodents, become unsightly or cause objectionable odors.

An animal control officer may remove an animal that is living in conditions that do not meet standards outlined in 18-2.1. If modifications to the shelter or living area do not meet the standards within five business days, that animal becomes the property of the LA/SPCA.

If multiple animals are present in one location, each animal must have a separate and clean food bowl. Each animal must have access to shelter and the owner must meet all standards as detailed in this section.

Tethering. No animal shall be tethered as a primary means of stationary confinement; stationary confinement by tethering shall be considered cruel treatment.

(Ord. No. 20,760, § 2, 6-20-02)

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