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Remove Parking Meters From Streetsville - NOW!

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Over the last month, the City of Mississauga has installed parking meters in Streetsville. Resident's are displeased, and small businesses will undoubtedly suffer.

Merchants and resident's share a common vision of Streetsville. We see our "village in the city" as a place that is customer friendly and accessible to all. This is a critical part of what makes Streetsville financially viable and enjoyable to visit.

The new parking meters will drive customers away from Streetsville in droves. Patrons will be left with no choice but to seek entertainment, shopping and dining elsewhere.

We support the immediate removal of all city parking meters in Streetsville! We want to vote on the matter - immediately!

Additional information---

  1. The Streetsville BIA has NOT mobilized merchants against the parking meters. SHAME! Whose interests are they supporting? Ward 11 Councillor George Carlson (who is also a BIA Director) informed me that the meters will bring in $100k /year... Meaning, they are destorying small business traffic and our community so this money thirsty government can gain a measley $100k a year!? He's trying to solve the 'parking problem' by detering customers from visiting Streetsville! That's not a solution, that's lazy thinking. Not to mention it will take 2-3 YEARS before they even pay off the cost for the meters (his estimates). Your tax dollars at work people.
  2. Mayor Bonnie Crombie, you have a lot of answering to do! The City of Mississauga did not ADEQUATELY INFORM the residents and businesses of Streetsville. You may have had "small discussions" just to check off a "resident engagement / assessment" box... but if the majority of the people were caught off guard - YOU FAILED US! 

Don't forget that WE collectively own these streets - and WE reject what you're planning on doing!

If you have any respect for our community, our values, and our democracy, you will let the people VOTE on the matter at once!

According to George Carlson, we wont be getting our vote... He's wrong yet again... We will be granted our vote either way in the October municipal elections. We won't forget how you both betrayed our community. Try us!

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