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Stop Killing Rabbits

Rabbit shooting on agenda in Mission Viejo Rabbit shooting on agenda in Mission Viejo

The City is allowing the Killing of thousands of Rabbits at Palmia and Casta Del Sol Adult Communities because they eat their grass.   The City allowed them to hire a hunter to hunt and kill these innocent wild rabbits. There is a meeting Monday at 6PM May 19th to reissue the permit.   See the story in the OC Register news paper.  We need to stop this and instead educate the homeowners, landscapers and HOA on how to live WITH the rabbits who by the way were there before the houses were built.  Plant onion borders or Lavendar or spread Catnip, to keep them out .  Mow your lawn high it not only keeps the moisture in the lawn but the rabbits don't like the tall grass under their bellies.  I live only a few miles from both communities and we have rabbits too we love them, yes they eat some grass but it eventually grows back.  What's next? BIRDS?

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