Place recycle bins next to all trash bins in Municipal facilities

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How can Milwaukee boast its sustainability while missing such an easy yet important piece? We should activley be reducng waste and yet there is a serious lack of opportunity to do so. I was taking an exam for a city job at Centennial Hall the other day and as we were waiting to be directed into the exam room another applicant threw her water bottle into the trash bin I was standing near. My curiosity got the best of me and I peeked inside. The bin was filled with bottles and cans and when I looked around I could not find a single recycling bin! I was shocked to notice many of the city buildings do not offer a recycling option. If we are in fact attempting to create a sustainable Milwaukee than this oversight must be addressed. City, county, and state employees should be setting an example of how easy it is to dispose of recyclable materials but how can they when they are not given the opportunity to do so. We cannot expect that the masses will carry around their empty bottles, cans and newspapers until they come across a randomly placed recycle bin. Placing a blue bin adjacent to each garbage bin is an easy solution and one that could create revenue for our city. Bauxite (aluminum) has value and it is a finite resource, why throw it all away?

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