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Stop and Limit the Steady Increase of Rent

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Since the explosion of the Oil Boom the rent here has increased significantly between Midland and Odessa, TX. The cost of living is rising so high that people from all different backgrounds are struggling to survive such as our veterans, couples, single parents, college students like myself.The majority of the corporate apartments owned here in the area are not even locally owned but charge extreme prices that are very difficult for close to minimum wage employee's to afford. Many have been forced into destitution or to be homeless while some are living in storage units with their families or worse. The reason for being homeless today is different then the reason we could use 50 years ago, today it is because the cost of living is exceeding our income. It is simply becoming to expensive to support ourselves here in this area. The housing market itself has risen the prices to make the fullest profit off of the oil worker's here who get paid well enough to afford these prices, while the rest of us cannot afford these prices and have lived here our entire lives. Please take a stand with me to stop this injustice against those who live here and do not make a lot of money but work hard to help others, make an honest living and try our best to make a better future. This change is for our Veterans, Nurses, Teachers, Students, Families, those who work everyday of their life to put food on the table for their kids and one day cannot because of someone else's greed. Please help me make a Change.

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