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City of Midland and Energy Related Properties, LLC.: Do not demolish the old Midland County Courthouse

This beautiful building was built in 1930. There is a style and beauty to the architecture that any new "skyscraper" will not have.
Having low buildings on the East and West sides also allows the Centennial Plaza area to feel more open and friendly.
This building could be re-purposed into an event center, a hotel, offices or any other of a myriad of ideas.
A 59 story building would look out of place in a downtown where no other building approaches that height. And it is not needed. There are dozens of other properties, many large buildings, that have no aesthetic value, in other areas of downtown that could be torn down to make room for any needed office space.
The demolition and subsequent construction would cause the Centennial Plaza area to be unusable for the many outdoor events it hosts for a lengthy period of time.


Photo by: Terry Jeanson, June 2006

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