Allow Ball & Chain to reopen

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Ball & Chain has been a staple of the Little Havana community on Calle Ocho but due to the City of Miami and it's relentless targeting the business has been shut down.

As you many locals may know Ball & Chain has been closed for months during the pandemic and it was hard to keep the business afloat. But thanks to the local community and small business we were able to open but that was unfortunately short lived.

Ball & Chain has worked diligently and in good faith with the City of Miami for more than a year to ensure that all of the City of Miami seemingly never-ending concerns about our locally owned business were either met or exceeded.

The process involved multiple walk-throughs of the venue, multiple inspections by City personnel, and multiple electronic plan review sessions with our attorneys and the City of Miami staff.

Ball & Chain, our architects, and engineers have gone above and beyond doing what was asked and required by the City prior to reopening but despite our best efforts the City continue to move the goal posts on us and make us feel like the finish line is always just over the next hill.

The City's actions to date have negatively affected our employees, vendors, and other team members that depend on Ball & Chain for their livelihood and it has taken a position, that in our opinion, is adversarial to small businesses that are the lifeblood of a culturally significant neighborhood like Little Havana.

Our newest challenge arose just a few hours ago when, despite being granted a brand new Certificate of Occupancy just last month, the City of Miami informed us that due to an audit of its own files that it had "found" additional items that Ball & Chain needed to address; instead of notifying us and allowing us to cure said items, the City used language in a brand new ordinance that was passed just before the Commissioners' lunch recess today to inform us that we must immediately close our doors unti the items are fixed and we go through the City's appeals process.

Needless to say the timing of the new ordinance and it's immediate enforcement at our business was most unwelcome.

We know of no other businesses as of yet affected by this New Law

Everyone on the Ball & Chain team would have greatly appreciated more cooperation from the City given how hard Covid has hit most small businesses and the hospitality industry in particular.

As always, Ball & Chain will follow the law, but when a small business has to fight with a City that has endless taxpayer's money to spend and unlimited resources it become quite challenging.

We are asking the local community and everyone that knows how much Ball & Chain means to our city to join us and sign the petition!