Replace Melbourne's Fireworks with Drones

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It seems that my view of replacing the New Years Eve fireworks with a drone display is actually something everyone seems to agree on! 

I would like to take the opportunity to explain why it is important we try and minimise our environmental impact in many ways as we can. Part of that solution towards reducing our impact on our climate and the environment is to help reduce emissions. I mean if you look at it we have the technology today to help replace our usual NYE fireworks with a drone display that will not only be good for the environment but also help reduce costs for City of Melbourne as drones can be re-used whereas fireworks are disposable. So whilst there is a big upfront cost, it pays off over the years as you don't have to buy fireworks for each New Years Eve celebration for years to come. Plus a lot of the comments on my Facebook comment seem to indicate that fireworks disturb a lot of peoples pets so its time we change for the better. 

Please help me bring this to the attention of City of Melbourne and Lord Mayor Sally Capp, I believe that we have the power to bring change and it all starts with your signature!