City of Melbourne - Withdraw the $4000 grant awarded to Clementine Ford

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Anti-Feminism Australia
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Misandrist Clementine Ford has been given a grant of $4000 by City of Melbourne to write her third man bashing book. The council has dished out a grand total of 226 “COVID-19 creatives packages”: $4,000 each, out of $2 million to invest in new works and digital translation of performances. 

I have read Clementine Ford's previous books, and they are full misandry and sexism (against men). It is bad enough that she's legally allowed to have this published, but now our tax payer dollars are funding it! Can you imagine if the genders were reversed and a man were to write misogynist books about women? Imagine the outrage if our tax dollars were funding it! 

So why the double standard here? The views of Clementine Ford are not in line with the Australian community and should certainly not be funded by tax payer dollars. Clementine Ford has previously said to "kill all men". You can see more quotes of her misandry here

For more information about the grant, please see this article

We request that City of Melbourne withdraw this grant to Clementine Ford immediately.