Demanding better planning for townhome dev. proposed in Medina.

Demanding better planning for townhome dev. proposed in Medina.

September 1, 2020
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City of Medina
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrea Brokaw

The City of Medina is planning a large townhouse dev. (125+ units) behind Fields of Medina neighborhood (between Meander and Hwy 55). 
We want the city to address SEVERAL concerns with this proposal in which neighbors feel are not being properly addressed before dev. begins:
1) Meander is a 2-lane, residential road that is curvy, has several blind spots (coming out of Jubert Trl and getting on 116 from Meander). This road is currently 40 mph. There are also no complete sidewalks on either end.
2) Traffic increases on Meander are severely downplayed by city and builder. There would be over 200+ cars added with potentially multiple trips/day. Meander is highly used for pedestrians; again without complete sidewalks.
3) Dev. plans in Corcoran and beyond will lead to greater traffic from 116 to Meander(all traffic coming from North would use Meander to access future commercial dev.).
4) City has not fully disclosed the sequencing and detailed requirements of building Tamarack road, to ensure construction traffic will NOT use Meander.
5) NO light is planned for new Tamarack/55 intersection. All traffic must turn right to exit neighborhood -will push MOST traffic back to Meander.
6) Lack of berming and privacy in the plans along Meander from the builder/city.

Please consider signing the petition and demand safety!

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Signatures: 192Next Goal: 200
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