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Keep K-9 Argos with his handler Sgt. Phelps

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The Martinsburg West Virginia Police Department has recently informed their only K-9 handler that they are "going in a new direction" and have ordered him to turn his K-9 partner Argos over to a new handler on May 1st 2016. Argos is not just a possession he is a vital part of our community and our family, to uproot him after 4 years with his current handler will cause irreparable harm to not only our family but the community at large. If Argos to assigned to a new handler it will take a MINIMUM of 4 weeks just for re-training not to mention the time it will take a new handler to form a bond with him and be able to truly trust what he is seeing from the dog . The reasons given were that a new policy will take effect on May 1st 2016 which says that a supervisor in this Police Department cannot be a K-9 handler. Sgt Phelps has been a K-9 handler since 2005 and has been working Argos since 2012. Sgt Phelps turned down a promotion to Lieutenant in November 2015 so that he could keep working with his K-9 partner. Sgt Phelps was already a supervisor when he was selected to become a K-9 handler in 2005. Sgt Phelps was already a Sergeant when he retired his first K-9 partner and the Martinsburg Police Department replaced him with K-9 Argos. Please consider supporting this petition to keep K-9 Argos with Sgt Phelps so that they can continue to help and assist the citizens of the City of Martinsburg West Virginia. What sense does it make to take a fully trained and bonded K-9 team off of the road due to a recent policy change. Additional K-9 teams should be added to the Police Department not taken off of the street.

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