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Deny Conditional Use Permit to sell alcohol at a bar in Shadowglen Shops

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This petition is to express opposition specifically to an application submitted by Front Row Sports Bar to the City of Manor, TX for a Conditional User Permit to sell Alcohol Beverages for on-site consumption at 14001 Shadowglen Blvd. Ste. G.

- The proposed establishment would serve alcohol, but not food.
- 324 school-aged children live in Shadowglen. 70 of them live within close walking distance to the proposed establishment.
- A school bus has a stop within a few hundred feet of the proposed establishment.
- The safety of the many children who frequent the convenience store in the same strip center, would be jeapordized.
- Potential increase in crime, traffic and noise caused by patrons of an alcohol-only establishment with operating hours from 2pm to midnight.
- Only the minimum required residents (those within 300 feet of the establishment) were notified of the permit application. Therefore only a handful of the 174 homes in the nearby, and directly affected, Fieldstone and Meadow Ridge sections were notified or solicited for feedback about the permit application.
- Shadowglen residents who have been polled in the past about allowing alcohol-only establishments in the neighborhood have been overwhelmingly against it.
- Shadowglen residents have previously indicated to the City of Manor and to Shadowglen developers that establishments of this type should not be located so close to neighborhoods with children.
- Likely increase in traffic generated by people cutting through Shadowglen to avoid patrols on Hwy 290.
- Studies indicate that an increased density of establishments selling alcohol in an area leads to increased incidents of neighborhood violence, child abuse, child neglect, DWI incidents, and motor vehicle-related pedestrian injuries.  This is even when socio-economic factors are taken into account.  The convenience store in Shadowglen sells alcohol, there are two establishments applying for alcohol licenses in Shadowglen, a bar opened up on 290 in Manor, there is at least one liquor store in Manor, other establishments are selling alcohol in Manor, and more are being planned.  This increased density of establishments selling alcohol in the Manor area is not good for the residents of Manor or Shadowglen (and others in the ETJ).
- Many Shadowglen residents are concerned that locating this type of establishment at the entrance to their subdivision would present a negative impression of the community, suppress future home sales, suppress future housing development, and adversely impact the market value of their homes.

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