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Petitioning City of Madison, WI and City Forestry Department

City of Madison, WI and City Forestry Department: Stop the removal of mature fruit trees in the at 1817 Lyndale.

The city of Madison, WI has declared our Meadowood Neighborhood as a food desert. An individual at 1817 Lynndale has healthy fruit trees providing fruit for his family and the neighborhood. Why would the city remove these trees which provide basket upon basket of free fruit for the neighborhood? The ordinance prohibiting fruit trees on the terraces seems to be in complete opposition of the struggle for food accessibility and and security in the city. We believe that the ordinance must be changes; but until then, we would like the trees at 1817 Lyndale to be given a reprieve from removal as these issues are addressed on a larger scale. This petition is the beginning of asking this issue to be addressed.

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  • City of Madison, WI and City Forestry Department

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