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Petition to Stop the City of Madison new Moped Parking Ordinance effective 1/1/18

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On August 1, 2017, the city of Madison Common Council voted to treat Mopeds as motorcycles in terms of parking. This means that mopeds will no longer be able to be parked on terraces and sidewalks in the city of Madison, and will have to be parked in a designated Motorcycle/Moped parking area or  normal vehicle stall, in accordance with all parking rules and time periods as allowed.

Unfortunately this ordinance will not only make mopeds nearly obsolete for most traveling within the UW area, but also for those who travel/work in the downtown area. As there are not nearly enough designated moped parking areas, mopeds will be forced to park in normal vehicle stalls, paying for parking, while also taking up spaces that normal cars would park. In addition to this, hundreds of UW students use mopeds to commute through campus on a daily basis. While there are moped parking spaces on campus, the University only allows one permit (for a specified lot) per moped. Many students have classes on opposite ends of campus forcing kids to buy a permit for a lot near one of their classes, then needing to park on a sidewalk/terrace (which is currently allowed) near their other classes. Another issue regarding students are those living in residence halls. Students are forced to buy a permit for parking next to their residence hall, and then when they use their moped to get near their classes, they must park on a nearby terrace or sidewalk on campus since they are not allowed to purchase a permit for a lot near their class.

This ordinance will render mopeds useless for many UW students, as well as taking normal vehicle spaces (metered, timed) in the downtown and city areas. One of the main attractions to buying and using a moped in the city of Madison is how much easier it is to get around as well as the convenience of parking it like a bicycle. With this ordinance, the cons begin to heavily outweigh the pros, and strips many UW students as well as normal citizens of the city the value and convenience of their moped. Please sign this petition if you wish to have this ordinance removed and not be put into effect on 1/1/18.

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