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Oppose the rezoning of the Northeast corner of Wall Triana Highway and Browns Ferry Road from an R-2 Residential District to B-2 Commercial District.



We believe that this rezoning request should be denied for several reasons: 


1.   This lot is adjacent on the north, west and south by residential property.   Rezoning this property would break the continuity of the land use at this intersection. 


2.  Homeowners purchased their homes in the adjacent areas with the knowledge that this lot was zoned residential.   


3.  There is existing commercial property available for new construction very close to this location, for example on Plaza Boulevard and Hughes Road.  There are current vacant buildings in Madison available for business purposes.    


4.  The increased traffic will overload the already burdened roads of Browns Ferry, Wal Triana and Sullivan streets.  


5.  Should the development fail to attract enough successful tenants, Madison would have yet more vacant commercial property which would be even more detrimental to our community.   


Allowing this lot to be zoned B-2 will be detrimental to the well-being of the community.


This petition was delivered to:
  • Madison Planning Commission
    City of Madison, AL
  • District 1 City Councilman
    Tim Holcombe
  • District 4 City Councilman
    Mike Potter
  • District 6 City Councilman
    Gerald Clark
  • Director of Planning and Economic Developement
    Amy Bell

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