LETS ALWAYS HONOR Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant & Daughter Gianna

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We lost a Legend and Superstar & Hero today and his daughter Gianna! such a horrible loss. As well as the loss of other families and beautiful people. We are wanting to make a Permanent Tribute outside the Staples Center of Kobe and his beautiful daughter Gianna! as well as hopefully a Kobe & Gianna Bryant Rememberance Day! on this day every year. Like a holiday one recognized  like other federal or major holidays to remember and celebrate their lives and their contribution....

A sad day in the sports world and in America!!!


There lives should not be forgotten. They have given so much to this world and society and it is such a heartbreaking tragedy and they were taken from us way to soon. We want to do something to always remember them and let there families know we got their back and always are here for them and always will be. We or most of us Love Kobe Bryant and his family so much. We are hurting terribly, aching and mourning their loss. Missing them already. They touched so many lives and have I mentioned how they are loved by all. May they rest in peace forever!!!!