Quiet Fireworks for London, Ontario

Quiet Fireworks for London, Ontario

July 3, 2021
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Why this petition matters

We the undersigned, call on the City of London to implement a 3-year plan to phase out traditional fireworks. 

We urge Mayor Josh Morgan and City Council to consider the negative impact of traditional fireworks on the environment and on human and pet health.

It has become common to hear fireworks being discharged in London, not only during the typical 3 nights out of the year (New Year's Eve, Victoria Day and Canada Day), but rather approximately every night for a week before, and sometimes a week after each of these holidays. 

In terms of environmental impact, there have been many scientific studies completed that show the harmful effects of traditional fireworks. Some of these toxic results include air and ground pollution. Heavy metals released during the discharge of fireworks also contaminate local watersheds. (1)

Traditional fireworks also have a huge impact on wildlife with birds and animals, at the very least causing these creatures distress, and at the most, causing injury and death. (2)

In regards to health issues, the heavy metals that are released can exacerbate respiratory conditions such as asthma. The loud noise from traditional fireworks can trigger symptoms in persons with nervous system disorders, PTSD, complex-PTSD, and Autism. The loud noises can also cause temporary or permanent hearing issues and sleep disturbances. (1) The same effect of anxiety, sleep disturbance, etc. is displayed in many of our pets.

There are several alternatives to traditional fireworks. Many cities across the States, Europe and Canada have swapped out traditional fireworks for laser or drone light shows. (3) In 2018, Banff, Alberta switched to quiet, or “low noise” fireworks; the Calgary Zoo switched in 2012 and Collechio, Italy in 2015. “Quiet” fireworks produce the same light show without the loud “bang.” In November 2022, the City of Brampton, Ontario passed a motion to amend their fireworks by-law to ban the sale and use of fireworks, as well as to increase the current fines

An alternative specifically for Canada Day celebrations, would be for the City to re-allocate their funds for fireworks by donating to local Indigenous organizations that provide health and well-being services to their clients.

In 2022, for Canada Day, the City of Waterloo contracted North Star Drone Shows (https://www.northstardroneshows.com to provide a drone light show for the City’s celebrations. North Star’s prices for a custom-designed Drone Light show range from $16,905.00 (for a 50 drone show) to $196,075.00 (for a 500 drone show). If Waterloo can do it, so can London. 

Our City (and the rest of the world) is in the midst of a Climate Crisis, we are also in the middle of a Healthcare Crisis. We need some creative thinking to reduce the impact that we have on our environment and on the physical and mental health of our residents.

We ask the City of London to implement the following:

a) Year 1, a shorter sales period for consumer fireworks, especially from the pop-up sales vendor, fewer sales points and tighter regulations on the type of consumer fireworks that are sold.

b) Year 2, a full ban on consumer fireworks (sales and detonation), while licensed displays of regular fireworks and other larger organizations (holding permits) continue.We hope that the City of London will see fit to address these concerns and to implement these changes.

c) Year 3, a full ban on traditional fireworks, with the City and other organizations employing alternative light shows using either quiet/no noise fireworks, laser light shows or drone light shows.

In order to achieve the goals above, City Staff will also need to research how
successful bans have been achieved in municipalities across Canada and the

We believe that the three-year plan above is not only reasonable, but also
viable and feasible with your help.

Thank you. 

(1) https://www.forbes.com/sites/grrlscientist/2019/12/31/festive-fireworks-create-harmful-pall-of-pollution/?sh=26b9f9262853
(2) https://www.thelandbetween.ca/fireworks/
(3) https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/greener-alternatives-to-fireworks-1.4748406

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Signatures: 3,208Next Goal: 5,000
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