Improve Traffic Calming Measures and School Safety on Stephen Street, London ON

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Did you know that nearly every day at Stephen Street and Helena Montague in London, ON a child, their caregiver, families and people from our community are at risk of being hit at the crossover?

We have seen a rise in drivers not stopping at this busy crossover during school drop off (8:45-9:00am) and pickup (3:20-3:45pm), especially in the winter months. People rush down the street, narrowly missing children who are walking to and from school.

We have accounts from parents who have had to jump out of the way from vehicles who refuse to stop in this area, as well as letters from other parents who have been stopped at the crossover, only to have the vehicle behind them become impatient, go around the stopped vehicle and narrowly miss hitting two children.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a daily occurrence.

We are seeking community support to impress on the City of London the importance of increased safety measures and traffic calming in this area. We have been informed that we need 10 signatures from residents on Stephen Street itself to have the City look into traffic calming measures - most notably either a three way stop or speed bumps. In addition to canvassing the residents of Stephen Street, we are appealing to the community at large to garner more support.

Thank you in advance!

Byron Northview Home and School Association