Change 1 hour and 2 hour parking limits around King's University College

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Help us change the parking limits around King's University College.

The City of London needs to decrease the parking time limits around King's University College and increase the amount of time that students are allowed to park during daytime hours when most students are attending classes. The City of London also needs to increase the number of residential streets where students can park around King's. Parking enforcement officers are frequently seen on Waterloo Street and Epworth Avenue targeting students with $30 fines, when many students have limited income.

  1. The number of students attending King's University College continues to increase and that there are not enough parking spots to accommodate all students who require parking on the King's campus, therefore, their closest alternative is to use street parking on Waterloo Street (2 hours) or Epworth Ave (1 hour). Surrounding streets prohibit parking or limit parking to 2 hours.
  2. Many classes at King's are longer than 2 hours, making this 1 or 2-hour limit unrealistic. It could be argued that students could move their car during a class break, however, City of London parking by-laws indicate that: No person shall park any part of a vehicle for longer than the posted time within the same calendar day in the same block. Limit begins when space first occupied on the block. To ensure compliance, drivers who leave and return to the same zone must find parking in a different block. Given the limited parking around campus, requiring that students not return to the same block, during the same day, is unreasonable.
  3. Also, given the increasing number of students with children who need to be dropped off at daycare or school, students with employment off-campus, and students traveling from outside of London, for whom taking public transit is impractical, there needs to be more parking available that accommodate the needs of King's students.

This petition will be submitted to the City of London's Civic Works Committee, which is responsible for parking.

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