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Help Keep the Hillcrest Neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places!

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Although many residents believe that National Register status protects Hillcrest against development that does not fit with the historic character of the neighborhood, this belief is not true. Historic Hillcrest’s only protection is its Design Overlay District (DOD) with the City of Little Rock Planning Department.

The Hillcrest Design Overlay District sets limits on the height, size and setbacks of additions and new construction in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, in recent years, residents of Hillcrest have expressed increased concern over building projects that are out of character and out of scale with the neighborhood. 

A detailed study by the Hillcrest Residents Association (HRA) yielded a series of recommendations to modify the Design Overlay District in order to further protect the look, scale, feel and charm of Historic Hillcrest. The recommendations include: limits on size and scale, incentives to renovate instead of demolish and making sure our commercial corridor, as well as the residential areas, stay pedestrian-friendly. 

Please support this vital effort to preserve and sustain our beloved neighborhood! 

Why does it matter?   

In 1990, the federal government placed Hillcrest on the National Register of Historic Places.The National Register is an official list that recognizes districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation. Hillcrest is the largest historic district in the state of Arkansas.

Hillcrest's period of significant historical and architectural importance dates from 1890-1940. Most of Hillcrest was developed during this time and most of the buildings still stand today. Hillcrest boasts a variety of styles and sizes of homes based on European designs including English Revival, Craftsman, Georgian, Tudor and Colonial Revival style homes. 

The buildings of Hillcrest are mainly historic, of human-scale and set on tree-lined streets. Most amenities are within walking distance; our children are able to walk to neighborhood schools. These qualities of historic integrity, human-scale and accessibility are the features that makeup the “charm” of Hillcrest and why so many people are eager to reside in our neighborhood.

Hillcrest comprises of “in-fill” buildings as well. In-fill buildings are structures that were built after the original neighborhood was constructed and are usually built on individual empty lots. Because Hillcrest is such an exceptional community, it is important that we maintain our historic buildings. Any new in-fill structures should complement our historic streetscape rather than conflict with the historic design; this destroys the feel of the neighborhood with over-scaled or over-built homes or additions. 

In recent years, a significant number of our original Hillcrest homes have been either torn down, expanded with extremely large additions or new homes of enormous scale or proportions are built which are unsympathetic to their historic neighbors. With each teardown or over-built non-conforming structure our historic designation is chipped away.

Next Steps

The Preservation and Planning Committee of the HRA has graciously offered to host at least 2 virtual panel discussions featuring members of the DOD committee to answer questions. Please log in to these meetings to learn more information and share your opinions. Visit to get the sign on link.

Virtual Panel Discussion Tentative Dates:

July 22, Monday                      6:00 pm       

August 2, Sunday                    2:00 pm   

The DOD Committee will meet after the public engagement period to consider comments.  Then the next steps will be publicly shared.


Sign this petition to show your support for the Hillcrest Historic District and then attend one of the Virtual Panel Discussion Meetings.   

To get more information on the details of the proposed changes to the Hillcrest Design Overlay District, Click Here

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