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Lawrenceburg, TN

Aug 12, 2013 — The sadness remains..its not any easier to accept. I have asked to speak before the commission & was assured it wouldn't be a problem although I have not heard anything yet. At this time I am really doubtful it would even do any good because its been relayed some on the commission believe this is all a lie & have no interest in believing anything different. It was also implied they were aware this petition was being signed by a lot of people who were out of town & didn't know the truth. My reply is simple, as a military wife I have met people from every corner of this world. Many live in the States & an equal number are stationed overseas & live in other countries. That does not mean they do not know me or the situation personally. Why must so much time & effort be wasted on bashing someone or trying to discredit them?? Is it too much to ask for a written resolution to help rectify this situation?? Thank you all for taking time to sign, no matter where you are in the world!!!


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