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City of LA to rid itself of NEW palm trees

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  The City of Los Angeles has been fighting the planting of palm trees for over a decade now as we delve further into 2017. It has been proven that while this well-acquainted with SoCal and tourist-luring flora is attractive and reminiscent of tropical vibes, it is equally as harmful to the environment and quite simply, useless. The palm trees of California, which are not native to this region, cost well over a half a million annually to maintain; provide zero shade to combat the California heat; and even pose a hazard to the city's inhabitants when diseased with its common fungal infections as their fronds strike people or objects, such as cars. This affects the whole of California, but I would like for our efforts in signing this petition to begin in the city of Los Angeles and spread throughout California.

  As we understand the aforementioned problem with the current population of palm trees, this petition was intended to ban the planting of NEW palm trees and promotes the planting of other trees--more leafy and more effective at trapping air pollution. In this manner, we may continue to satisfy the touristic demands of sighting palm trees in this city, but still refrain from causing further ecological harm to it. Additionally, the new trees we plant will continue to interact with the environment in a friendly way, so that when the palms die (as they are already doing, due to the fungus within them), there will be more stable and efficient trees to take their place.

  With your help, the Los Angeles City Council, I believe we can make this reality! This would mean saving our environment one step at a time by taking local actions--and as it spreads, reaching state level,  the estimated 40 million that live in California will benefit! Without any assistance, this same number of people will be negatively affected, which I think we can agree, is by no means, a good thing.

  I have heavily researched this topic and hope that those who join me in this petition will find that it is well thought out and deserving of both recognition and action. Please sign this petition and let's hug some trees!

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