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Amend local bylaw & allow residents to keep backyard hens in the urban area

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Chickens have existed in cities since the dawn of time, and they continue to thrive in communities around the world, both large and small, with dozens of cities across North America revising bylaws to allow them once again. The benefits of raising hens include:

• The production of affordable fresh, healthy and delicious home-grown eggs, free of pesticides and antibiotics;
• The reduction of municipal solid waste through the consumption of table scraps and other organic waste by chickens;
• The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from food distribution
• The production of rich garden fertilizer via chicken waste by-products, which is high in nitrogen, eliminating the need for petrochemical fertilizers;
• The reduction of backyard pest populations, through the consumption of bugs by backyard chickens;
• Educational opportunities – backyard chickens teach children where our food comes from and provide valuable opportunities for the demonstration of responsible pet ownership;
• The addition of great pets to neighbourhood families – chickens make great pets, as their behaviour is interesting and entertaining, They are people-friendly, quiet, and unaggressive.

Backyard chickens allow for fresh, extremely local food production on a small, manageable scale. They provide an affordable, healthy source of local organic food in one’s own backyard, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and solid waste. The reasons cited for banning these animals from within city limits are unfounded. They pose no greater health risk than cats (a 2009 report, assessed backyard hens to pose no health concerns) and are not anywhere near the noise disturbance of dogs. Responsible pet ownership makes urban chickens not only efficient food producers, but sensible animals to allow within the city limits of La Quinta. Dozens of leading North American municipalities allow backyard hens.

Please reconsider allowing hens for the purpose of household egg gathering as it's a way for people to raise a little of their own food in an uncertain economy and a way to live a more sustainable life in the city.

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