Repair the City Street

Repair the City Street

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Frankie Elder started this petition to City of La Cygne MAYOR DEB WILSON

I have been asking the city of La Cygne to repair the potholes in street in front of the laundromat and liquor store since August of 2019.  The city has known for months that these potholes are hazardous and could potentially cause damage to vehicles.  At one time the city placed 3 large concrete block barricades over the holes to prevent anyone from driving through them.  They did so as a way to prevent drivers from damaging their vehicles.  When they placed the concrete barriers they did not include any safety precautions to be sure the barricades were visible to drivers.  There were no flashing lights, reflective safety stripes, or any other type of basic safety/caution signals on the barricades.  Unfortunately multiple drivers struck the blocks and damaged their vehicles in doing so.  The city has accepted no responsibility for any of the damages incurred.  Drivers have had to pay out of pocket to repair their vehicles.  

I had asked multiple times for cones to be placed there rather than the concrete blocks (until they could fix the holes) as it would prevent drivers from damaging their vehicles from driving through the holes and if a driver did happen to hit a cone there were be no damaged sustained to their vehicle from having done so. 

On October 30 I asked if the reason for bringing in the blocks was to prevent people from damaging their vehicles from driving through the holes. The response I got was "Yes and redirect trafffic". At that time I communicated my concern that the barricades were much more hazardous than helpful and that the exact opposite of the protection of drivers had occurred.

At the subsequent council meeting on November 4, just 5 days later, a memorandum from Mayor Wilson regarding the issue was read aloud stating "While we were deliberating the governing body decided to place barriers in the right of way in front of the property at 104 South 4th St.

1.Because control of the public right of way is up to the city.

2.To prevent people from making the pot holes worse while we were deliberating.

3.This was always intended to be temporary. 

The council unanimously voted that night to remove the concrete block barriers.  

Additionally the memorandum states "If it is the property owners desire that patrons of the business do not enter the parking area through where the City has placed concrete barriers, the onus to direct traffic on to that private property will be on that property owner."


 "We will be requesting that the property owner submit a plan or design for approval, designating where she would like the entry/exit point to be and its approximate dimensions. Once defined that property owner will be responsible for the upkeep of that access"

No other property owner has been asked to submit a plan or design for approval. 

Please join me in imploring the La Cygne city council to repair the potholes.

Thank you.

The undersigned citizens and visitors of La Cygne, KS wish to see the city street located on the south side of the intersection of 4th Street and Market St. repaired by the city of La Cygne immediately.




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