We need a Crossing Guard for Student Safety

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Dear City of Kitchener, Director of Crossing Guards  

We, the community of parents and neighbours in Forest Hill - parents of St Paul School, Southridge School and Forest Hill School would like to ask you to hire and fund a Crossing Guard at the intersection of Birchcliff dr and Greenbrook Rd. 

On May 8th, a 10 year old boy was hit by a car who engaged in the intersection while children were crossing. This driver drove between children as they were crossing. The driver did not stay at the accident, he left the scene. The child is physically fine but we need to consider the following points to prevent a further, worse injury of another child. 

This intersection has painted crosswalk signs, and a sign indicating student crossing but is an unmanned, unsupervised crosswalk. 

1. This intersection is the main, and for some, the only access to Birchcliff drive to go to St Paul School (K-8)  and Southridge School (k-6) from the areas to the south of both schools. 

2. Intersection could be a walking path for students attending Forest Hill School (K-6) and Forest Heights School (8-12)

3. Greenbrook Rd is used as a through way for drivers from Westmount to Fisher Halman to bypass Ottawa or Queen streets or to access highway 8 or vice versa. 

4. With increased construction and population in South Kitchener, and the anticipated construction at Ottawa and Fisher Hallman Road, Greenbrook will become even busier and will be identified as a detour for drivers. This was the case with the recent highway construction at Westmount Rd and Ottawa St. 

5. Drivers are rushed, speeding and running late. Many parents who walk children, or work at the school note that drivers not only do not stop for children, they in fact don't stop for adults

6. The plaza 50 feet from this intersection has shopping and various medical offices (Drs offices, blood lab, ultrasound/xray clinic, physiotherapy, chiropractor, optometrist) as well as a pharmacy and a restaurant. The plaza sees hundreds of visitors a day, all impacting traffic at the school crossing intersection.

7. Drivers turning left (west) onto Greenbrook from Stonybrook are not always seen by children trying to cross the intersection to Birchliff rd and these drivers rarely, if ever stop with the short distance between Stonybrook and the crosswalk.

8. It's unimaginable what could have been a much worse accident by the hit and run at this intersection. It shouldn't take another or worse incident for us to know our children can get to and from school safely.