Add All Way Step Sign at intersections of Seabrook and Ludolph Street in Kitchener

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Seabrook and Ludolph street in Mattamy Wildflowers new subdivision in southwest Kitchener are two main artery roads in this new community. Hewitt Park, the biggest and most attractive park to all residence, especially children in the community, is located at the southwest corner of the intersection. However, the lack of all way stop sign at this junction of main arteries is creating significant risks to all, especially children every day. Children wanting to cross Seabrook street from the north side of Seabrook have to wait for complete absence of traffic in order to cross the street, which is a very rare event now, especially after new school Janet Metcalfe was opened early September 2018. I have witnessed numerous times of speeding on Seabrook street, children waiting to cross the street to Hewitt park helplessly waiting for traffic to stop. In many cases, vehicles stopped voluntarily to let children pass even there is no stop sign in front of them. It is time to put this non-sense to a STOP and put the safety of all, especially our children first!