Stop the use of Glyphosate (Roundup) in City of Kingston.

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This petition aims to alert the residents of the City of Kingston to the dangers associated with ongoing use of Roundup in public areas, and to compel CIty of Kingston to discontinue its use. This is a toxic product. At a time where there are alternatives that present zero risk to public health, it seems surprising that the City of Kingston are ignoring health warnings and ongoing legal battles against Monsanto for its use of Glyphosate (a known carcinogen) in its products (see article below), in favour of continued use.

I have emailed the City of Kingston about the issue and have been assured that Roundup is ‘safe’ and ‘does not pose a cancer risk in humans’. 

City of Yarra is currently using steam to manage weeds, which is an effective process that poses no risk to public health. The cost has been estimated at less than $1 per year, per resident of Yarra council. To me, this seems like a safe and cost effective alternative to current weed management in the City of Kingston. 

As as a parent, there is nothing more important to me, than the safety of my children. Having a sprayer show up while kids are at a playground is unacceptable. Parents are not notified (a sign is erected, but no one is told to clear the area, or what is being sprayed) the spraying begins and it’s presumably hoped that children stay clear until the product has dried.

The above article outlines a case in which Monsanto (makers of Roundup) has been deemed liable for injury caused to DeWayne Lee Johnson, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin Lymphoma due to exposure to Roundup over a two and a half year period. They have been ordered to pay $289m in damages.

’During the lengthy trial, the plaintiff’s attorneys brought forward internal emails from Monsanto executives that they said demonstrated how the corporation repeatedly ignored experts’ warnings, sought favorable scientific analyses and helped to “ghostwrite” research that encouraged continued usage.’

Do you want this for yourself and your children?