Stop the proposed childcare centre on dangerous Nepean Highway intersection!

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The City of Kingston is considering the application for a childcare centre in a narrow and one-way section of Nepean Highway service lane which is frequently exposed to congested traffic and dangerous driver behaviour.

We demand the City of Kingston reject the application for the following reasons:

1. This is a dangerous location for a childcare centre:

The location (276 Nepean Highway Parkdale) is just one house in from the dangerous Fifth Street/Nepean Highway exit point, where residents are constantly on high alert for:

  • Cars exiting Nepean Highway at Fifth Street and veering into the service lane at dangerous speeds
  • Despite road changes and signage, cars continue to illegally drive from Long Street Parkdale through the traffic island to Fifth Street Parkdale, or turn right into the service lane. These cars travel at speed to avoid oncoming traffic as they cross the highway.
  • Increasing traffic travelling at high speeds in the service lane from drivers wanting to avoid Nepean Highway congestion during peak hour – these cars enter the service lane after Parkers Road and travel at high speeds until they reach the highway entrance at Second Street.

2. Insufficient on-site parking will see overflow parking onto nearby streets which are too narrow and busy for extra traffic

With only 6 carparks + 1 disabled park for 33 families, there is insufficient parking for the staff working at the childcare centre, who will need to park their cars all day between 7am-6pm, nor for delivery or rubbish trucks arriving at the centre throughout the day.

Both staff and parents will be unable to park in the designated spots in peak hour will ultimately park in the small, one way service lane or nearby Fifth and Fourth Streets Parkdale. Delivery and rubbish truck drivers may be tempted to stop traffic in the middle of the service lane, perpetuating the dangerous traffic conditions. 

3. Increased traffic and congestion in this area will put both residents and childcare centre children, families and staff at risk

The proposed childcare centre will result in increased congestion in a very busy section of the service lane which is exposed to cars travelling at high speeds.

We demand the council rejects the application for fears that this could easily result in an increase in accidents endangering the children and families from the childcare centre, its staff and surrounding residents.


The application can be found at the council's website -


Application reference number KP-2018/889, 276 Nepean Highway Parkdale 3195