Make the Wurts Street Bridge a pedestrian walkway!

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The Wurts Street Bridge connects downtown Kingston to Port Ewen. It's a beautiful, historic piece of architecture, but as those of us who live near it are aware, its age means it's frequently closed off for repairs. 

Currently, the bridge has been closed since late September. While the sidewalk has typically remained open during repairs in the past, this time the bridge is closed to both cars and pedestrians. The latest update from the City of Kingston suggests that it may stay closed indefinitely... or permanently.

This is a major inconvenience for those of us who depend on the bridge especially as a safe pedestrian or bike route over the Rondout. 9W is not equipped for foot or bike traffic, but people are already having to risk their safety to use it anyway due to the bridge closure. 

If the Wurts Street Bridge is too expensive to fully restore as a road, why not turn it into a beautiful, functional walkway? 

A walkway over the Rondout will improve the quality of life for folks on both sides of the river, as well as attract tourism and business to Port Ewen. The bridge could remain a part of the Kingston 10k race, we could all still enjoy its beautiful river views, and we could avoid the danger of walking or biking along 9W.

Please sign to show the City of Kingston what a great addition to the Greenline family of paths this walkway could be!