Williams Grove Beach Shower

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The beach at the end of Williams Grove in Bonbeach is one of the best stretches of sand and water on this side of the bay. It is one of the major carparks with beach access in the area, therefore in a couple of short months it will be full of beach goers enjoying the sunshine. This hot spot has a lot to offer you over those hot summer months but it is lacking one vital amenity.

A beach shower

If you're a local to the area you'll be aware of the block of toilets and showers at the end of Harding Ave only one street over. The problem that arises with these amenities is the lack of visibility and the distance they are from the main carpark. One of the major demographics in Bonbeach are young families. We do not feel safe sending our children to a toilet block with no visibility, the Beaumont Children tragedy still sticks in people's minds. It's also difficult for families to haul all their beach equipment and their young kids across the hot carpark to Harding Ave to rinse everything off. 

The current situation is that the only convenient access Williams Grove beach goers have to water is the drinking fountain/dog bowl which was installed a couple of years ago. With great difficulty and precise balance people are rinsing their feet off in the dog bowl before jumping back in their cars. Then when our dogs come for a refreshing drink it's blocked up with sand and twigs. 

We plead to the City of Kingston Council to please install a beach shower. There is already water access thanks to the drinking fountain and there is existing underground drainage directly underneath.

If you agree to the positive impact this will have on our favourite beach spot please sign our petition to show our local council how necessary this addition is.