Stop the Build of Residential Town Homes

Stop the Build of Residential Town Homes

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Started by Estancia West

The community of Estancia West is in opposition of the new build of townhomes off Pinar Trail and Grand Terrace Way. We are notifying the City of Killeen Planning and Development, Mitchell and Associates Inc, Land and Living LLC also known as Harker Heights Homes(trading name) The construction of these townhouses will lower our property values, increase crime rates, and unwanted traffic. The lots that have been purchased Property Id: 39745 valued at $105,488, Property Id: 467513 valued at $136,951,Property Id: 499033 thru 499048 Property Id:169388 valued at $31,561 and Property Id: 467516 valued at $80,432 are off of McGregor Loop and will be built along the backside of the new subdivision.

Adding zoning density to residential neighborhoods encourages absentee owners to replace homeowners, which destabilize the neighborhood. Most common practice and seen around surrounding areas, investors, speculators, and absentee owners will buy properties and then rent them. These absentee owners will disinvest in properties, letting them deteriorate since they are speculating on selling the lots in the future for denser residential use. Regular lots are still being sold at a premium and we want to protect the value of our house and not be left with an under valued home.

Townhomes create and intensify light pollution. Typically, two-story backyard rental houses will be surrounded by high wattage security lights beaming down from their eaves. From the backside of McGregor residents will find lights at night shining into their home. There is even a tendency for a backyard rental house to have more and higher wattage security lights than the main house. Not only will light be an issue for our residents off McGregor what about the noise control which will be occurring when these residents conduct events in their residences. How does this affect those homes along the backside of the new subdivision and most importantly what about the lack of privacy resident are going to have.

Increasing density in a residential neighborhood increases crime. Increased density increases transience and turnover of residents in the neighborhood. Since there will be only one way of entry and existing. Congestion of traffic in out of the projected area of Pinar Trail and Grand Terrace Way will increase. Within a townhome ordinance requires a rental house to have the appropriate number of parking spaces.

Even if garage spaces under the townhome or parking pads are provided for the residents within. What will occur to visitors coming into the area if parking space is limited. Perhaps the solution would be opening the entrance off South Clear Creek Rd. and where Texas Humane is located to provide point of entry and existing. Many residents who live off Pinar Trail and Grand Terrace Way will not want their driveways blocked and unwanted movement in front of their homes. Long term homeowners are more protective of their neighborhood and the homes than are short-term tenants.

New apartments/townhomes/duplexes in a neighborhood cost tenants more to rent, an increase of apartments reduces the value of homes in the neighborhood. Homeowners and renters prefer to live next to single-family homes rather than next to apartments/townhomes/duplexes. Adding zoning density to neighborhoods makes them less attractive to both homeowners and renters. Less attractive neighborhoods attract less desirable tenants, which creates a downward neighborhood spiral. Less attractive tenants make the neighborhood less attractive for homeowners and having homes sitting on the market longer if one is to sell.

Neighborhoods either get stronger or they get weaker and decay. As an investor what considerations did you take before profiting on the empty lots. Did you consider what can we bring to a community that is built around a school and has families. A community park, community garden, dog park, installing cameras around the subdivision to help prevent crimes. Many surrounding areas/cities are creating and meeting the needs of their communities without HOA fees to provide those services.

As far as notifying the community only those who actually received a letter were residents off Pinar Trail and Grand Terrace Way. Per the letters dated October 20, 2021 sent to our residents who live within 400 feet were not all notified. As well as those who reside within 200 feet near the radius of the area to in fact protest under the Sec 211.006(d). of the Texas Local Government Code were not all notified as well. Estancia West members felt that there should have been more transparency with future plans with letters and signs to notify individuals.

And for those who may or may not have receive the letters it certainly did not allow residents to even create the petition to protest the new build and gather proper information to meet the deadline of November 1, 2021 at 4:00 pm. We as a community are still growing and handling minor infractions within and have been able to communicate through our forum and interactions as neighbors. The community of Estancia West is in opposition of the new build of townhomes off Pinar Trail and Grand Terrace Way and in the future hope that a resolution will prevail so that all parties will be able to move forward.

248 have signed. Let’s get to 500!