Please Help Our Mini Piggies

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Several months ago we adopted two mini pigs whom we’ve named Penelope & Presley. They have become apart of the family and love their new free life.

A few weeks ago on our sons 3rd
Birthday. Some sour neighborhoods decided to report our mini pigs in order to try and shut down the party. Now we have ByLaw threatening us with fines because "technically swine cant be a pet, they are livestock". Upon adopting the piggies we searched the bylaws and there wasn’t anything specific on mini pigs, just 300+lbs “farm” pigs. So they are classifying all swine as the same. 

I know there are a lot more important petitions to sign but if you would take the time to sign the petition in the link in my bio we would truly appreciate it!

Our mini pigs aren’t livestock to us. We rescued them to give them a better, free, and full of love life. They are smart, loving and we would love to continue to give them the best life possible. Please sign, every one counts! 

Maybe even spread the word to help us out!

TIA xoxo