Get the town to install Speed bumps on Kent street east in Lindsay.

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Tuesday sept 24th our 6 month old puppy darted across the road across from the park and as my child ran to catch her. A speeding car hit our puppy in front of him!!  we are completely devastated at the loss of our family member and so thankful our son was not injured as well.

My son was a few feet behind our dog trying to catch her, he could easily have been hit as well!

Cars have been becoming more of a problem with speeding down Kent street east in Lindsay. There are so many small kids at the park. Kids living in the area and I am deathly afraid someone is going to get hurt by one of these speeding cars.

Please sign this petition! We need the town to install speed bumps by the park to slow down traffic before someone is seriously injured!


thank you for your support


lets keep our families safe!