Support for Community Pump Track at the Dufferin Bike Skills park

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Hello Kamloops & Dufferin Residents
As a neighbor and member of the Kamloops Bike Riders Association I am writing to you as residents on Mount Dufferin to gather your thoughts on the addition of a bicycle pump track in the Dufferin Bike Skills park which lies adjacent to the Wetlands park and Dufferin elementary. 
This spring I led the volunteer team which built the 1 km kids bike loop in that area.  I would love to expand on this park addition for our community by contracting the professional construction of an asphalt bicycle/scooter pump track. For this I am seeking final site approval and infrastructure funding from the City of Kamloops.  I would love to hear from you, as community members, your thoughts, concerns and hopefully excitement for the proposal.
What is a Pump track?
A pump track is a diverse playground of rolling jumps and turns that are rideable by any ability level and all things on wheels from mountain bikes to bmx bikes to skateboards.
Pump tracks teach the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using your arms and legs to pump rather than pedal your bike/board/scooter around the track.  These skills transfer to trail riding helping to improve your riding ability level.
Why Dufferin?
The Mount Dufferin area is one of the few places in town to offer beginner to intermediate friendly mtb terrain.  Already designated the Dufferin Bike Skills park years ago, I would like to expand on the 1 km loop added this summer and offer a sustainable skills training area for youth and adults in south/west Kamloops.

Size and Location
The proposed location for this track is an 1800 Sq/m area of city land above Dufferin Elementary bordered by the school fence on one side, Copperhead Road and the central trail running from Copperhead Dr towards the board walk on the others.  The homes closet to the track would be 1369-1385 Copperhead Dr. Upon community endorsement of the project it would occupy an existing space that is currently covered by weeds.  The trees between it and Copperhead road would remain in place.

The track would be free and open to and used by people of all ages and ability levels. It would be extremely popular with young kids, but by design also able to challenge more advanced riders.  We would hope to host several kids events here annually and would build to UCI World Championships event standards to enable us to develop local pump track talent. By nature of the facility, it would be used in smaller groups and thus noise volume when in use would be similar to kids at a playground.
A pump track would likely increase parking demand in the area along Copperhead Dr.  Outside of a Kids league or other event day however, I would not anticipate insufficient parking. On event dates, participants would be instructed to use the parking spaces available at the Wetlands and along Hillside Dr. between the Wetlands and the elementary School.
Why Asphalt?
Asphalt tracks are long lasting and require little to no maintenance.  The surface enables bikes, scooters and even skateboards to roll smoothly.  They are attractive in design, do not suffer from weeds and are able to incorporate existing terrain and features like trees to blend into their surroundings. Visit to see many examples of these tracks
Please Contact me with any questions, concerns or support you have for this project or show your support in this online petition.
Catharine Pendrel