Put an end to constant power cuts in Weltevreden Park

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Over the last 6 months, the area of Weltevreden Park has experienced countless power outages, each with a different excuse. This month alone, we have had 4 outages, one of which left residents literally powerless for 30 hours. Another lasted 8 hours. It is an ongoing crisis.

Businesses are suffering, residents are having to replenish spoiled food from their freezers on a weekly basis, appliances are becoming damaged and surges are now causing computers to burn out, too.

A baby in our area had to be hospitalized after its parents couldn't use the nebulizer because of such a long period of time without electricity. The elderly are suffering, too. Everyone is suffering. It's the middle of winter, kids are writing exams. It needs to be solved.

Each week we are fed excuse after excuse and City Power's stories change with every update.